A geolocation system specifically designed to operate on industrial machines

Matera offers a perfectly developed and mastered tool from A to Z, which allows us to customize the product exactly according to the customer's needs.

Technological development

Real-time tracking system

This allows us to monitor the machine live via a web interface but also to link the data received (especially hours of use) to our CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System).

It is also possible to immobilize a machine remotely thanks to the intelligent circuit breaker.

Advantages of the system

Low cost solution

Can be used in the European Economic Area and only focused on the geolocation of machines. This system is unique and does not require the use of a SIM card.

Full coverage solution

Solution for devices located in very remote areas and cut off from the conventional cellular network. In this case, the satellite is used for data transmission. This system is more expensive due to the use of the satellite in transmission mode, but offers the advantage of knowing, at all times, the position and status of the machines.

The system is ideal for customers in the mining sector.

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